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Istria, Pula - wanderlust recommendations
Our recommendations on how to get to know Istria through numerous exciting experiences

Living a youthful lifestyle? Travelling to meet new cultures and experience exciting destinations? You've come to the right place. Istria is your story! Here are our recommendations.

Aquarium, Verudela Pula

Aquarium Pula is situated in the old Austro-Hungarian fort. It shows the beauties and diversities of submarine life.

Experience a rich biological diversity of north and south Adriatic Sea in a unique historical environment. Situated in the 130-year-old Verudela fort, once part of the military facility of the powerful Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy. We will let you on a little secret – the rooftop is an ideal vista with a unique view of the town and its surrounding area.

Vižula Park

Multimedia Vižula Archaeological Park. Put on the VR headset and visualize a luxurious ancient villa, the school of archaeology, Antiquity garden…

The new multimedia archaeological park was erected on the location of the historical Vižula site near Medulin. Have a look at one of the most beautiful historical residential villas of the Roman Era on the east Adriatic coast. Its imposing dimensions, monumental architecture, richness of decoration, beauty of mosaics and the finest marble attract visitors. It is assumed today that this luxury villa, also known as Crispus Villa, was the residence of the members of the imperial family, maybe even Crispus himself, who was the son of Emperor Constantine. In addition to the Antiquity garden, this park complex also offers hospitality, educational (the school of achaeology) and entertainment (adrenaline park) facilities. A virtual return to the past by using the VR headset represents a special attraction.

Archaeological site Nesactium

Archaeological site Nesactium (Vizače) is the best known settlement of the pre-Roman Histri.

Nesactium, today the archaeological park with preserved architectural remains of the Roman and Late Antiquity period used to be the seat of the pre-Roman Histri, a people of the Indo-European descent who were formed in the Iron Age and settled Istria. It is located on Glavica hill near Valtura, east of Pula.

There is a well known legend of the last Histrian king Epulon. After a long Roman siege of Nesactium and a military tactics of cutting off the town's water supply, in a hopeless situation and aware of their inability to defend Nesactium, its defenders decided not to be caught alive by their enemies. First they killed their families and then themselves by throwing themselves off the walls. Epulon was among the last to die by his own sword. This act became the artistic inspiration and the universal symbol of resistance.

Svetica, vista and fortification

Svetica – a hill of Monte Madonna with a view insurmountable in beauty and an underground Cold War era fort.

We also recommend the tour of a former military zone and the underground fort, the guardian of the Kvarner Bay, erected during the Cold War era. The Monte Madonna hill, named after the medieval church which used to stand on the site, provides one of the most beautiful views of the area. Those more imaginative can imagine the silhouettes of Pompey's ships setting off against Caesar, pirates or Venetian guards patrolling the coast. There is a legend as well. The dragon legend who lived in a deep pit in the center of the hill. A village sacrificed one young girl every month…

Adrenaline park

Adrenaline Park Medulin and Glavani Park – catapult, zip line, altitude polygon, gigantic swing and archery...

Adrenaline fans can organize team buildings, celebrations and parties, or enjoy in different activities: polygon, paintball, zip line, free fall on a gigantic 12 meter swing, buggy and quad rides, zorbing, archery, climbing, quick jump, human catapult…Naturally, a group discount applies.

https://www.glavanipark.com/ i https://www.adrenalinparkmedulin.com/

Horseback riding - Ranch Medulin

Ranch in Medulin – horseback riding along the coast with a view of the large blue is a special and unforgettable experience.

Fans of recreational horseback riding, beginners and more experienced ones, may in a unique way tour the Medulin area. Six and 12 km field riding is an unforgettable experience with the images of Istrian vineyards, woods, meadows, coastline with a view of wild beaches and the large blue sea of Kvarner. Riding for children is also possible. Expert guides and small riding groups ensure maximum experience.

Kayak Premantura

Kayak Premantura – discover hidden beauties of Medulin archipelago kayaking

Beauties of Medulin archipelago, in particular of Kamenjak Nature Park, are best experienced directly and actively. We recommend an organized half-day or one day kayaking ride. Crystal sea, hidden inlets and deserted islands are an ideal scenery for relaxation. Casual snorkling completes the experience.


Green Garden Pula Entertainment center – with karting tracks, rent-a-quad, paintball for entertainment and activity...

We would like to highlight the ride on one of the best Croatian karting tracks, as part of the Green garden kart circuit, which meets the strictest safety rules of this sport. Driving by almost touching the tarmac, the sound of the engine and the feeling of excitement guarantee good fun. Anyone older than 10 can participate. And remember, safety first!